Happy New Year! (please note–the site is no longer being updated)

The prior December post mentioned that the site is no longer being updated with news about meetings and activities in the Savannah area. (You may see advertisements now, as the ad-free option for the site has lapsed and will not be renewed.)

Traffic here remains considerable, so the site will remain active for another 60-90 days before being retired. Contact emails for the group’s teachers remains current, and you are invited to contact any of them with questions about their upcoming classes and offerings. Or email savannahqigong@gmail.com, and your inquiry will be forwarded along. (Please allow a few days for a response, as email may not be read immediately.)

We are still adapting to the changing circumstances of the pandemic. It’s been a long road, and we aren’t at the end yet. But we know that attention to strength, health, and wellness is key to navigating our daily lives and challenges. Many of us are finding a regular Qigong practice rejuvenating and enriching. Whatever your preferred style of practice, may it help you care for yourself, so that you can then care for others.

Wishing all of our visitors a happy and healthy New Year! (be it calendar or lunar)