Distance Learning Opportunities

APRIL 2020 original post; NOVEMBER 2020 update

Several Qigong schools have stepped up efforts to create distance learning opportunities. Here are a few we can recommend.

John Munro (Long White Cloud Qigong) has begun offering online teaching sessions for the worldwide Long White Cloud community. Anyone is welcome to join, even if you have not previously been a student of Long White Cloud. The session are offered on a give freely/receive freely donation basis. (To join the Long White Cloud mailing list, e-mail your request to info@longwhitecloudqigong.com ). You may also inquire about John’s full courses and certification options at the same e-mail address.

Lee Holden is a highly respected teacher with a pragmatic approach to Qigong practice. He has several videos on YouTube (a few of which are shared on our Video Resources page). His 30 Days of Qigong is a video series you can follow on your own schedule. This could be a great way to begin a daily Qigong practice. (www.holdenqigong.com)

If you would like to practice at home using DVD resources, there are many to choose from. DVDs by Lee Holden and Daisy Lee are highly recommended. Daisy’s teaching primarily focuses on Qigong for women’s health and wellness. Her Beginner Qigong for Women 3-DVD set is available on Amazon.

Acupuncturist Jeffrey Chand has created a series of accessible videos linking Qigong practices directly to wellness outcomes. His “Communi Qi” platform is an online community of Qigong practitioners around the world, and a modest monthly subscription fee connects you to a wide array of videos and other resources.

With social distancing practices continuing and most group Qigong practices on hold, this is an ideal  time to check out one or more of these possibilities !