Spring 2020 Qigong Matinee Video Archive

Teachers in SQC community classes are often asked about videos for solo and at-home practice. We have “curated” set of videos from our Spring 2020 “Qigong Matinee” series. At each online meeting, we introduced a teacher and a video, watched and did the practices together in real time, and had a discussion afterward. Our goal with the series was to help participants sample and discover practices they personally enjoyed. If we enjoy our Qigong, we can make it part of a regular and consistent wellness routine.




June 21 and 28, 2020

The featured teacher was FABRICE PICHÉ, demonstrating the

18 Moves of Tai Ji Qigong (Shibashi) 



June 14, 2020

The teacher was JOHN MUNRO. More information about his work at the Long White Cloud Qigong website.

Between Heaven and Earth Qigong for the Extraordinary Meridians



June 7, 2020

Linda spoke about the Nine Phases of Integral Qigong–the teacher on video was BINA BOU. More information about Bina’s work is at the Lifestyle Balance website.

Nine Phases of Qigong

ADDED: a video shared by Bina of a general practice for

Boosting Energy and Resilience



May 31, 2020 

The teacher was JEFFREY CHAND. More information about his work is at the Qigong for Vitality website.

Qigong for Lungs and Immune System

There have been many such videos circulating this year. Jeffrey’s was chosen because it is user friendly for both beginners and more experienced folks.


May 24, 2020

The teacher was JUDITH YOUNG. Judith’s demonstrations of several self-massage techniques align with practices described in both Roger Jahnke’s “The Healer Within” and John Munro’s “Introduction to Qigong Healing” course.

Qigong Self Massage–Head and Face (Judith Young)

Qigong Self-Massage–Body and Limbs (Judith Young)

(These videos are publicly listed for open access on Judith’s YouTube channel.)


May 17, 2020

The teacher was LEE HOLDEN. More information about Lee and his work is at the Holden Qigong website.

Qigong for Better Breathing

(This video was made publicly available at no cost by Holden Qigong.)


May 10, 2020

The teacher was JEFFREY CHAND. More information about his work is at the Qigong for Vitality website.

Easy Qigong Routine for Stress and Anxiety

Qigong for Stress, Anxiety, and More Energy

(These videos have been made publicly available by Jeffrey on YouTube.)