Introductory Video Resources

Teachers in the Savannah Qigong Collaborative (SQC) bring a diversity of experiences and practices to their work. Their sources and traditions include:

  • IIQTC (Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi), based in Santa Barbara, CA
  • Long White Cloud Qigong, based in Auckland, New Zealand
  • The Lotus Health Institute, based in Blacksburg, VA

SQC teachers often attend each other’s classes and workshops. This means that community classes will usually include exercises from more than one Qigong school or tradition. The benefits of Qigong flow not from a particular style or a “right” way to practice. Rather, the power of Qigong rests in a sincere intention to cultivate wellness, and in persistence with a regular Qigong practice that resonates with your own temperament, abilities, and circumstances.

The videos shared below introduce themes of basic Qigong practice. These are just a sample of approaches and applications for Qigong in daily life. Videos are useful to introduce Qigong, and can support a home practice. However, SQC teachers encourage regular attendance at our free community classes (in person or online). There you will receive support from a teacher and encouragement from others as you develop a personal Qigong practice.

(NOTE: most of our in-person Qigong sessions are on an indefinite hiatus due to the 2020 Covid pandemic.)

(Click here to access password protected community class reference videos. Ask your SQC teacher at class for the password.)


A 10 minute Qigong morning warm-up (Lee Holden)
(Suitable for home practice)

Qigong for Breathing
(Lee Holden). In March 2020, Holden Qigong released an “Emergency Immunity Kit” package of free videos. In this video, he demonstrates several Qigong exercises for the health of the lungs, the spine, the ribs and the shoulders. A gently paced, clear, and calming presentation. Highly recommended for at home practice.



“Eight Pieces of Brocade” Qigong (Judith Young)
(No narration, subtitled breathing cues, suitable for home practice. Highly recommended.)


How Qigong can help prevent falls in older adults (Robert A. Johnson, MD)



A Qigong Routine for Stress and Anxiety (Jeffrey Chand)
(Suitable for home practice)


Shibashi Basic Set (18 moves) (Perth Tai Chi Academy, suitable for home practice)


If you aren’t normally online…

If you do not usually have the ability to stream videos through a home internet connection, consider borrowing or purchasing a few DVDs. There are many options. The following titles are recommended and generally available.

Qigong for Stress Relief (Daisy Lee), GAIAM. (Available through Live Oaks Public Libraries.)

Qigong for Beginners (Francesco Garipolli), GAIAM. (Available through Live Oaks Public Libraries.)

Qigong 30 Day Challenge for Beginners (Lee Holden), YMAA 2019 (new title).


Videos are meant to supplement participation in community classes–not substitute for it. From a perspective of holistic wellness, the social aspect of Qigong group practice is just as important as the exercises themselves.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many group practices have moved online. While not ideal, online practice allows interaction with teachers and other group members. 

However, solo home practice is better than no practice at all! We hope you enjoy your practice, whether solo or in a group.